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Qube Horizon Property Management Software

Qube Horizon Property Management Software

Horizon is a property, asset, facility and financial management platform. Due to the depth of functionality and insight it offers, it is primarily aimed at larger investors, CRE departments and managing agents.

Horizon counts internationally renowned brands among its customer base, from Tesco and Redevco to HSBC and LaSalle Investment Management.

Horizon provides its users with the insight to make fully informed decisions about the strategic direction of their portfolio – such as the management, investment and disposal of assets.

Platform benefits include

Multi-national capabilities

Horizon offers all the necessary functionality to manage extensive and varied cross-border portfolios. It allows you to manage rent indices, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers locally (either by country or region) and incorporates multiple language and currency functionality.

Seamless integration

Although Horizon offers extensive functionality, it can be seamlessly integrated with other corporate systems (e.g. ERP, EPoS, BMS, GIS and third-party solutions). As a result, you can remove the risk of data duplication and create a single version of the truth across all your property operations.

Streamline your business processes

Horizon will ensure you maximise efficiencies across your business, streamlining your business processes to free up your staff to work on more strategic activities.

24/7 access anytime, anywhere

Horizon can be accessed remotely via the web from mobile and tablet devices, meaning you can use all the features it offers anywhere you have an internet connection.

Never miss a date

The platform incorporates a range of tools – such as automatic email alerts – to ensure that no property, lease or project date is missed. As a result, you will be able to exercise your contractual rights to reduce costs.

Business Intelligence that Significantly Enhances your Decision-Making Capabilities
Business Intelligence that Significantly Enhances your Decision-Making Capabilities
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Real estate investment and CRE management processes supported

Horizon supports a range of business processes to enhance property investment and corporate real estate and is used by real estate teams, outsourced agents of CRE departments and traditional agents of investors.

  • Business processes supported:
  • Business intelligence and reporting dashboards
  • Income forecasting
  • Facility and asset management
  • Retail management
  • Full lease management and administration
  • Rent and service charge accounting
  • Purchase to pay
  • General ledger and cash management
  • Alerts and reminders of key dates and events
  • Task and workflow management
  • Document management
  • Web services for data exchange and integration
  • Seamless integration with ERP, GIS, Building Management Systems and other third-party solutions

Software delivery in line with your requirements

We will deliver Horizon in the most appropriate way for your business.

SaaS – Our cloud-hosted option, delivered via our SaaS solution, is utilised by thousands of our users worldwide. We own the system, meaning we are responsible for maintaining and updating it. The technology is ISO 27001:2013 security certified, reassuring you that your data is completely secure.

On-Site – Seen as a more traditional hosting method, an onsite installation means that you own the system (as opposed to SaaS, where we would be responsible) – although it could be hosted either on or offsite.

Our team can answer your questions or respond to your requirements