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Qube SLM – residential property rent and sales management software

Qube SLM – residential property rent and sales management software

Our dedicated sales and property management software solution – Qube SLM – is used by more than 3,500 users from businesses of all shapes and sizes. Established in 1998, Qube SLM was one of the first web-based systems offered to the industry and offers a highly functional and flexible solution. It will manage your residential sales and property management processes from initial registration and marketing of a property and booking viewing appointments to when it is sold. Overall, it will deliver measurable cost savings in time and effort.

Crucially – because it is web based – Qube SLM can be accessed 24/7 from wherever you have an internet connection. The system updates in real time so you can be sure that all information you access will be accurate to the minute.

Access your data anywhere

Because it is web based, Qube SLM is available anywhere anytime. It’s also optimised for computers, tablets and smart phones for your convenience.

Full-ranging functionality

Use a single system for all your key sales, property management and accounting responsibilities thereby simplifying and streamlining your processes.

No costly infrastructure

All data contained within your version of the system is hosted in the Cloud, which means you avoid expensive infrastructure costs.

Powerful database

Qube SLM harnesses the power of Oracle, which means each of our customers has their own individual database – in addition to their own Oracle environment.

Customise to your own requirements

Qube SLM offers a range of customisation options – including 1,500 parameters that you can adjust – to ensure you can tailor the functionality of the system to your own specific business requirements.

Integration with Word and Outlook

Qube SLM is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Effective task management

The functionality of the system is underpinned by a comprehensive diary manager, which sits at the centre of the solution. This ensures all tasks across your business are scheduled and managed appropriately.

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