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Corporate Real Estate Management Software

Corporate Real Estate Management Software

We have 40 years’ experience of providing property and facilities management solutions to over 300 corporate customers worldwide. As a result, we have the experience and proven track record of helping both outsource service providers and property occupiers. Within both these areas, some of the leading names globally use our software because of the market-leading service it delivers to their businesses.

Our corporate real estate software covers the full breadth of services, ranging from lease and real estate management through to transaction, facility, space and financial management. It incorporates functionality in specific key areas:

Complete financial management: Our solutions give you the full picture when it comes to your financial performance. Quickly establish the primary cost drivers affecting your business (e.g. lease exposure, ongoing running costs, total cost of ownership or occupancy) and then use this intelligence to determine your overall strategy.

Transaction management: Use our software to manage a wide range of transactions – from site selection/acquisition and financing to disposition and sub-leasing. Use the intuitive workflow and task management functionality to streamline these processes, and gain complete transparency and visibility of your commitments and future obligations.

Full service charge analysis: With our automated landlord reconciliation, you can monitor your service charge outgoings over time. This ensures you can quickly detect if and when landlords either overcharge or under-budget these payments.

Manage all rental outgoings: Our software allows you to set up automatic rent payments and – where more complex arrangements are in place – put multiple payees on each lease if required.

Accounts payable: You can use our software to carry out all accounts payable processes, avoiding the need for an independent ERP system or an interface if one is present.

Effective space optimisation: Maximise your available space with our space and move management software, which – through stacking plans and visualisation tools – helps you to assess your existing arrangements and determines, and then implements, space utilisation improvements.

Analyse supplier outgoings: Analyse all historic and committed payments to suppliers against any segment of your portfolio; use this information to make key decisions on whether to rationalise your supplier base, by how much and which service providers to use.

Recharge payments internally: Recharge all outgoing payments to the rest of your business as appropriate – based, for example, on space used.

Effective facilities management: Manage and maintain all your assets by implementing an effective reactive and preventative maintenance plan. Also ensure that both your own engineers and your contractors are operating as efficiently as possible.

All Qube Global Software solutions have many additional benefits:

Performance assessment

Our software’s reporting functionality allows you to interrogate your data in a simple-to-understand manner that identifies key past, present and future trends. Use this information to improve the performance of your portfolio, maximise efficiencies and drive down the costs of occupancy.

Set informed KPIs

Our in-depth reporting capabilities and integrated dashboard displays provide you with the business intelligence to see past day-to-day management issues and create long term KPIs that you can then use our software to closely monitor and benchmark against.

Manage cross-border portfolios

Our CRE software is the solution of choice for many organisations with cross-border portfolios. This is largely due to its ability to manage local indices, income, cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers in regions and countries as appropriate. Multi-language and multi-currency functionality further boosts the cross-border capabilities of our software.

Gain complete understanding of your lease commitments

Know where you stand regarding each of your leases – setting up automatic email alerts as required – and use this information to your advantage for renewal purposes. Carry out analysis across your entire portfolio before drilling down to specific locations.

Seamless integration

As well as being responsible for all aspects of lease, real estate, transaction, facility, space and financial management, our software can use standard Microsoft integration tools to link to alternative corporate databases, which removes the risks associated with data duplication.

Access anytime, anywhere

Our solutions are cloud-based, meaning you can access them from anywhere in the world you have internet connection at any time.

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