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Facilities Management Software

Facilities Management Software

Our facilities management software enables you to manage the full range of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services and will provide you with all the support you need, whether you’re an in-house facilities manager overseeing a multi-site operation or an FM service provider with a varied and extensive client base. Either way, our software helps you to keep on top of all your facilities management tasks and offers you a single and fully integrated overview of all your facilities data and information.

Our CAFM software is functionally rich, yet easy to use. Capabilities include:

  • asset management
  • help desk
  • planned maintenance
  • financial management
  • stock control
  • service provider and client management
  • risk and condition survey tools
  • project management
  • room booking
  • catering
  • space usage
  • health and safety compliance
  • energy management
  • and more…

You can access this functionality on multi-platform mobile devices, while our advanced business intelligence reporting capabilities ensure you can identify key insights that will drive your strategic decision-making processes. Integrated workflow functionality ensures your business processes are as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Benefits of our CAFM software

A supplier you can trust

With nearly 40 years’ experience and 250 organisations using our facilities management software, from councils to universities to prisons, we pride ourselves on offering a software solution to meet any FM professional’s needs regardless of their unique requirements.

All facilities information in a single location

Using our software means all asset information, maintenance history, financial expenditure (past, present and planned), health and safety instructions, and other documents will be stored in a single easily-searchable location.

Effectively manage locations and assets

Manage all your assets effectively by using the asset register, which incorporates purchase, depreciation and replacement values along with CAD drawings. Optimise space and by producing ‘net internal area’ statistics that ensure all your assets are positioned in the best possible location.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Use the reactive maintenance data recorded via the system to make more cost-effective decisions regarding your planned maintenance and asset replacement schedules to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Minimise business interruption

Unplanned breakdowns and poor service can impact on the profitability of your company. Minimise breakdowns by introducing planned maintenance schedule.

Increase the productivity of your workforce

Our software incorporates intelligent scheduling tools and mobile working functionality to ensure you fully maximise your available resources: reduce travelling time between jobs, gain an accurate record of how long each task should take and track the responsiveness of both your engineers and suppliers.

Automate regular time-consuming tasks

Qube Global Software’s FM software incorporates intelligent workflows that automatically process time-consuming tasks, from notifying relevant staff and suppliers that a work order has been raised to sending performance reports. Our mobile app also means both your engineers and contractors can both record and receive information quickly and accurately. Our technologies therefore mean your overall workforce can spend greater time concentrating on only the most important tasks.

Promote health and safety compliance

Our CAFM systems will automatically require either your engineers or suppliers to respond to safety instructions and risk assessments specific to the exact task before starting it.

Business intelligence that informs strategy

Our facilities management business intelligence suite allows you to interrogate your data to gain key performance insights. Its dashboard functionality – in particular – enables you to present this information in an easy-to-understand manner, providing improved visibility at all levels and ensuring you make highly informed strategic decisions.

Ensure consistency across your organisation

The workflow functionality – which is embedded throughout our software – will also ensure your processes are consistent and in accordance with your pre-determined SLAs and rules.

Allow customers to self-serve

Take advantage of our integrated web portal, which offers both internal and external customers (companies or individuals) to record and track facilities-related requests, monitor when specific maintenance tasks are due and reserve meeting rooms.

Develop strong relationships with your suppliers

Once an issue has been logged via the web portal, the system automatically informs suppliers when work is due. They can then use the portal to record when a job has been finished or – if required – notify when it is overdue. As a result, you can then provide your clients with frequent updates and greater visibility of asset history.

Delivered how you want

Depending on your preference, we offer you the capability to either manage your FM system in-house or adopt increasingly popular “Software as a Service” model – which is hosted in the Cloud on one of our many secure servers and you access via a web browser.

Our team can answer your questions or respond to your requirements