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Property Management Software Solutions Trusted by the Industry

Property Management Software Solutions Trusted by the Industry

Whether you’re looking for a solution that can help you manage your industrial, retail or office portfolio (or even a combination of the three), implementing our software will deliver significant benefits to your organisation.

More than 600 organisations from more than 70 countries currently use our property management solutions across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and further afield – evidence that the industry trusts us for the effectiveness of our software and knowledge of our staff. You can find out more about our customer base and some specific success stories by visiting our case study library or reading testimonials from people who have used our solutions day-in and day-out.

Our varied user base is indicative of our extensive experience of implementing and supporting a range of solution sizes – from single user through to multi-site international property management systems requiring specific cross-border functionality.

While we’re proud of our position as an established international name, we understand the importance of continuing to improve our products – for this reason, a quarter of our annual revenue is reinvested in research and development. You can rely on us to provide the most technologically advanced property management software in the marketplace, with web-delivered solutions, portals and apps a critical part of our overall offerings.

Benefits of our property management solutions at a glance:

Get a complete overview of your business

The highly sophisticated reporting functionality offered by our software enables you to interrogate your data so that you interpret it in the way you want. Take advantage of dashboard reporting that delivers information in a simple-to-understand format that underpins the key strategic decisions you need to make.

Fully integrated accounting functionality

Our software includes full general ledger functionality conforming to standard accounting practices, which delivers statutory reporting by property, entity and group as you require.

A single easily-searchable resource

Remove duplication by storing all your property management, facilities management, transaction and accounting data in a single location. Our software allows you to share information with stakeholders – such as partners, contractors, clients and tenants/leaseholders – as required.

Integrate with existing systems if you prefer

Our software is fully functional and multi-featured. But we know you may prefer to keep your existing systems if, for example, they are embedded in your organisation. As a result, our solutions are designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and common corporate systems including enterprise financial systems, GIS and document management.

Manage across borders

Property management is becoming increasingly international, and a large proportion of our customers are global investors or managers. Our software is equipped to handle multi-language and multi-currency requirements and ensure compliance with specific local tax and lease index obligations. Territorialisation functionality means you can split information by country and/or location as required.

Streamlined processes

The transaction management and workflow process capabilities offered by our software enable you to streamline the way your business operates. We will advise you on best practice during the implementation phase.

Increase returns from the properties you manage

Sophisticated credit control functionality ensures that rent and service charges are paid on time. Easily handle complex invoicing runs across large portfolios, ensuring accuracy during the collection process. The system will also store records of all transactions and correspondence for future reference as required. Seamless integration with Outlook makes this even easier.

Satisfy your tenants/leaseholders

Our portal functionality provides tenants and leaseholders with round-the-clock access to the system to – for example – check and make payments, raise queries and make maintenance requests. Benefits to you: increased collection rates and more time for other tasks.

Satisfy your owners

If you are an agent, providing up-to-date and accurate information to your investors will help build their trust. Our software offers market-leading client accounting and owner statement functionality to streamline and automate this process. Automated reports delivering key insights will help to further improve relationships, enabling you to retain – and potentially win – more business.

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